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Spice Things Up in the Kitchen

“Mom, what’s for dinner?” is the infamous question every mom dreads. Well, it’s time moms for you to get your mojo back and add a little spice to dinner!

Tricky Dix Mojo Original is the ideal all-spice because it’s infused with 19 gourmet spices and herbs including garlic, onion, cumin, and mild chilis. It’s no wonder it has been crowned the “Super Spice”! Change up routine recipes by adding a pinch or more to one of your favorite dish or drink. It can also be used as a salt and pepper substitute.

• Delicious as a drink rimmer on Bloody Mary’s and Michilada’s

• Add a dash to veggies or salty and sweet snacks

• Excellent meat rub for grilling

• Toss it on pasta and traditional dishes

It’s the perfect spice to add a little kick to any meal. The original is just one of the many flavors they offer:

• Chix Dix – A great mix of spices for any poultry dish
• Hott Dix –This spice packs some heat making it spicier than the original
• Porky Dix – The ideal match for any pork dish

No matter which one you try, you’ll “Lick it and Love it”! It’s up to you how much heat to turn up at your dinner table.

To learn more, visit it: www.trickydixmojo.com