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Flash Those Pearly Whites

Pearly whites, don’t we all wish we could have them? Unfortunately, because of candies, acidic drinks, coffee, and sugar many more people have to fight off tooth decay and gum disease. The best way to save your teeth from all the suffering is educating yourself about proper oral hygiene.

Consuming water with Fluoride and using toothpastes with Fluoride helps keep your teeth safe and strong. 3M ESPE offers Clinpro, a prescription strength Fluoride toothpaste that can help heal cavities and gum disease, which are both 100% preventable and treatable if could on time.

Children are some of the toughest critics when it comes to oral health, but if you start them off at an early age they can develop the proper habits to maintain oral health and reduce the consumptions of risk factors as they age.

Did you know that many oral infections have been linked to systematic health conditions like:

• Diabetes

• Cardiovascular Disease

• Bacterial Pneumonia

You’ll think twice before you skip brushing your teeth again! Oral health isn’t just about appearance. Yes, we all want shiny beautiful teeth, but even more importantly we want to be healthy!

Our mouth is the passageway to rest of our body and that is why it’s so important to limit our risk factors and take control to help overall health.

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