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Gluten Free Gourmet

The weather outside is frightful, but the gourmet soup inside is sure delightful! Frontier Gourmet soups, that is.

Cold weather seems to evoke a natural desire for the comfort of a big bowl of homemade hot soup or chili, and so many of the canned varieties leave you feeling lacking.

In the time you have between work, housework, after school activities and relatives visiting you could certainly whip up some chili or soup from scratch right? Probably not an easy feat! However, with using one of the gourmet Hearty Meal or Homemade soup mixes from Frontier Soups and just a few added ingredients, and you actually can!

Frontier Soups has:

• Over 33 different varieties of soup mixes complete with shopping list and recipe to choose from

• 27 soups that are Gluten Free-- which is great news for people living with gluten allergies. Most canned soup is not safe for those with allergies to flour and wheat, but with Frontier Soups you have an incredible variety of Gluten Free options including Chicken Noodle Soup made with Gluten free corn pasta!

• No preservatives or MSG and no added salt.

• Soups available at many specialty grocers such as Whole Foods, Fresh Market and the Omaha Steak company, as well as online.

Visit their website http://www.frontiersoups.com/ to order special packs and gift baskets so you can even give the gift of homemade soup this winter! You can also check out their recipe blog for recipes that take it even further then typical soup.

When you serve your family a belly warming bowl of Louisiana Red Bean Gumbo or Colorado Campfire Stew, they will think you were slaving over the stove all day. Don’t worry; we will keep your secret!

For incredible recipes, to order soups or see Frontier Soups on The Balancing Act with celebrity chef Sarah Moulton log on to http://www.frontiersoups.com/

To see these hearty soups, please watch The Balancing Act® on January 8th and 15th at 7 am (ET/PT)on Lifetime TV.