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Holiday Spirits

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and planning a holiday soirée can be fun but also overwhelming!

Between figuring out what’s on the menu and all the shopping to food preparations, guest lists and juggling our jobs and families – there are always so many decisions to be made.

Let Aveníu Brands make it easier for you to choose which wines you will serve! Aveníu has developed two wines that pair perfectly with a number of holiday foods, whether simpler standard party fare like Pigs-in-a-Blanket and Chex Mix or more complex dishes and cheeses.

The important thing to remember is that our holidays should be Festive, Fun and Easy!

Aveníu Brands’ news signature wines, Pomagria and Mermalada will add a touch of class to any party:

• Pomagria is the first pomegranate sangria in the U.S. , and is made with REAL pomegranate juice! Perfect for making holiday punch, this fruit infused mixture of tart and sweet is light and sophisticated.

• Mermalada is a sassy sweet red wine from Spain that goes perfectly everything colas go with, such as pizza, burgers, spicy Asian foods as well as chocolates.

Two other Aveníu options for your parties:

• Artesa Chardonnay

• Ocean Vodka from Hawaii

Make sure that you will be part of all the holiday party stories, and not the hostess who was never to be seen!

Aveníu is the exclusive U.S. marketer for approximately 30 wine and spirits brands from eight different countries, and runs on the mission to represent brands that have an authentic sense of place behind their labels. Aveníu Brands are for guests 21 and up and are to be consumed responsibly.

For more information on Aveníu Brands and their wines, please visit: