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What is Your Great Idea?

How many times have you thought of a new innovative product that could make a big difference to so many people but didn’t know where to even start producing it? How often have you seen a new product that you thought of years before but didn’t know how to get it made and now you’re watching someone else make tons of money with your idea? Your answer is George Davison and his company, Davison Inventing where you can Dare to Invent!

George Davison has spent his entire career creating his method that helps inventors chase their dreams at an affordable price. Davison will build your product idea into a working prototype or sample that can be presented to manufacturers, corporations and retailers for possible licensing.

Here is a story about one man who came to Davison with an idea that is now a reality:

Ed, an avid dog lover, always let his dog play outside on a tether on a beautiful day. It was just a matter of time, though, before the chain or cable would knock over the dog’s food or water bowl while he ran around, leaving a very hungry and thirsty animal! Ed came up with a better idea, the Better Tether, an all-in-one bowl and ground anchor that staked in the ground beneath the bowl. The Better Tether advantages are numerous:

• Constructed with a strong and durable bowl

• A Heavy-Duty Steel Anchor that stakes below ground level

• Brightly colored bowl for easy sighting

• Holds food and water

• Never worry about tripping over it or hitting it with a lawn mower because it sits so low on the ground

• Install it once and enjoy it all year

Ed is living the dream thanks to Davison as his Better Tether is being introduced to the masses. You can too!