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Caribbean Dreams

How would you like to take a moment out of the crazy holiday rush and sit back, relax and sip a great tasting cup of tea?

Caribbean Dreams, made in Jamaica, has just the right tea for you to transport you to the laid back lifestyle of the islands!

Jamaican Teas Ltd, formerly Tetley Tea Co., was founded in Jamaica in 1967 and originally produced only black tea. Caribbean Dreams brand was launched offering you unique herbal combinations and infusions:

• Their products are completely natural and contain no caffeine.

• With over 40 years they are the oldest Tea company based in Jamaica

• People of the Caribbean have been using these products for hundreds of years.

• Many of their products such as peppermint and ginger are mild enough that they can be used by children.

• Launch of a special Jamaica 50th anniversary ginger tea to commemorate Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary

Next time you’re feeling like you need an escape from the stress of everyday life, try one of these natural herbal
teas that are sweet enough that you won’t need any sugar!

• Ginger Lemon
• Cinnamon Mint Tea – perfect for people monitoring sugar intake
• Ceresee Tea
• Green Tea & Mint
• Noni Ginger Tea
• Slimming Tea
• Detox Tea
• Peppermint Tea - the number one brand consumed in Jamaica

Caribbean teas are available throughout the USA online through Amazon.com, or CaribbeanDreamsUSA.com or www.JamaicanTeas.com.