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One Step Closer

What if you could go about your busy day and just keep walking around as usual – walking the boardwalk at the beach, playing with your kids at the park, running errands or walking around town --- and take your fitness goals a step further with a special kind of footwear?

We all walk around every day, unaware of how many steps we actually take in a day or in a week. Those steps add up!

Even if you can’t get to a gym, StepGym brings the gym straight to your feet! Increase the value of every step you take with their revolutionary ergonomically-designed shoe.

StepGym’s patented technology uses an Elasto-Shock system with two shock absorbing cushions. Unlike the flat sole of typical shoes, the curved sole creates a rocking motion through the 2 memory cushions that sink when you walk, producing the effect of walking on an impact absorbing surface like sand.

StepGym brings you one step closer your fitness goals. With one step at a time, their footwear helps:

• Firm up stubborn areas

• Shape your legs

• Burn calories

• Improve posture

• Reduce back pain and muscle aches

• Tone your muscle

• Improve circulation (preventing varicose veins)

• Lift your buttocks

• Protect knees and joints (less impact while walking)

So now women everywhere can get in better shape any time they walk by bringing the gym to their feet, when they can’t bring their feet to the gym.

StepGym is the exclusive footwear partner on the ”A Lifetime of Health and Wellness Makeover”™ series airing on “The Balancing Act” every Monday morning.

To get one step closer to your fitness goals, please visit: http://www.stepgym.com