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Walking with Chi

How would you like to learn to move in a way that benefits your whole person -- body, mind and spirit?

What if there was a “mindful movement” program that helped you:

• Lose weight / burn fat

• Get all the benefits of running without potential injury or pain

• Stengthen core

• Flatten stomach

• Cardio/Aerobic benefits

• Create more energy for active life

• Get quick and easy whole body fitness

• Reduce back knee and hip problems

You CAN learn to move mindfully with the innovative Chi Walk-Run program that incorporates elements of T’ai Chi, emphasizing moving from your center – the source of your chi - and improve your posture while increasing energy. T’ai Chi is a form of martial arts, but you don’t need to know anything about it to reap the benefits of the Chi Walk-Run program to focus your mind, strengthen your core and move with ease.

Chi Walking and Chi Running fitness programs are designed to fit easily into anyone’s life or fitness level - from absolute beginners to everyday athletes. Based on the natural movement principles of T’ai Chi, an ancient marital art, Chi Walking and Chi Running are as safe and effective as yoga and pilates, and is injury- free fitness for the whole family.

Many followers of fitness may say….. I already know how to walk or run! Yet many do not walk or run in an efficient, optimal way. We have accumulated poor movement habits in our lives from stress and other trauma that makes running and walking more difficult and painful than it should be. Learning to properly move our bodies correctly gives you confidence and makes it more fun.

Chi Walking and Chi Running can take participants from the couch to a walk-run 5K in 8 weeks, with natural “mindful” movement techniques that make this program safe and effective.

For more information, please visit: www.chirunning.com