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Colorful Cocktails

Holiday Party Dilemma: You want to make an assortment of flavorful and colorful cocktails that you saw on Pinterest, but don’t really want to buy a liquor store full of ingredients and flavorings that after the one time use will take up needed space in your bar. What to do?

UV Flavored Vodka to the rescue! These Low-Calorie, Low-Carb , Gluten Free vodkas have the flavors infused right in and with the incredible variety you can be bartender extraordinaire in your own home! Whether you want your cocktails to fit a color theme, a holiday flavor profile or just simply be unique and tasty, the 15 different choices ensure that you can be as creative in your concoctions as you like and wow your guests.

With unique flavors such as:

• Chocolate Birthday Cake
• Whipped
• Espresso
• Green Tea

… just to name a few, to go along with classics like vanilla, citrus and apple -- the possibilities are endless.

Get creative, put new spins on classic cocktails or invent your own. Have a shot of Birthday Cake UV on your birthday, have a tray of red and green martinis using UV Apple and Cherry for your Christmas party or enjoy a refreshing pink lemonade with a kick by the pool in the summer time, it’s all possible with UV Flavored Vodka.

Distilled 4 times, for a higher proof vodka with a surprisingly smooth taste these low calorie vodkas will increase your status as a mixologist without increasing your waistline! Try UV Flavored Vodka this holiday season and your guests will thank you. Don’t forget to leave some out for Santa to make sure you’re on his extra nice list!

To learn how to create some amazing cocktails like Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Chocolate Coffee Cake, a Whipped Float and much more, visit www.uvvodka.com and get ready to be the hit of the party!