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Let’s face it – some days we simply feel depleted of energy.

After a long day of work, running around doing errands or powering through a workout session, it seems like we’re literally jumping from activity to activity, feeling tired and worn out by the end of the day. And often, it ends up that we forgot to re-fuel or at least eat something good for our bodies.

How do we keep our bodies properly fueled so we can attack our day with full force? Your body requires enough carbohydrates to produce energy to help you stay strong and power through your crazy busy day.

MARATHON® ENERGY Bars, made by Mars, Inc. deliver the boost of sustained energy and nutrients your body and your mind need to keep your day going at full tilt. The bars:

• Provide 16-18 essential vitamins and minerals that are crucial for energy metabolism

• 11-13 grams of protein

• Excellent source of fiber

• Great choice of flavors like chewy peanut butter, crunchy dark chocolate and more!

• Fit easily into your purse, gym bag or desk drawer

Mars, a company committed to providing high quality treats that can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle without compromising on taste, makes a whole line of bars that can help you fuel your day with essential nutrients and good taste, including MARATHON® PROTEIN Bars and MARATHON® SMART STUFF Bars.

All MARATHON® Energy bars are low glycemic index foods and have no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or trans fats.

MARATHON is an exclusive sponsor of “The Balancing Act’s “ ‘A Lifetime of Health and Wellness Makeover™’ series.

To learn more about giving your body the burst of energy it needs, please visit: www.marathonbars.com