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Learning through Power of Play

Children love to play games, so why not combine playing games with learning?

Learning to read is critical in a child’s development -- to ensure children are ready with basic skills once they enter kindergarten and first grade and to form a solid foundation for future success in school.

To help keep learning to read fun and interesting parents can count on The Reading Game, a fast action memory game that all children will love.

Studies from the U.S Department of Education and Education Testing Services show that:

• Children who read at home have a higher success rate in school.
• Reading for fun can increase reading scores on assessments.
• Reading regularly can increase math scores.

The award-winning Reading Game from Allsaid & Dunn bridges the gap between home and school learning. It consists of 6 decks of cards, each with 30 words and 6 accompanying story books. Here is how the game works:

• 10 cards from a deck are placed face down on a table (each vocabulary word appears twice).
• The game is played repeatedly until your child easily recognizes all 5 words.
• This process is repeated until sets 2-6 from the deck are completed.
• Once all 6 sets in a deck are completed your child has 30 words hardwired into their long term memory.
• Then your child can read the accompanying story book that is told using only the words they have just learned.
• Move onto the next deck until you complete all 6.
• Once all 6 decks are completed your child will have 180 words that are hard wired into their memory and will have read 6 stories successfully.

Unlike other “learn to read” games, The Reading Game incorporates Dolch Sight Words. These are hard- to-learn words that need to be learned by sight, such as, “like”, “came”, or “have”. These words are important to learn at an early age because they promote fluent reading.

The Reading Game also differentiates itself by following Common Core Standards children will be assessed on throughout schooling.

The reading Game has recently won theses awards: the Tillywig Brain Child of the Year Award which was awarded last June; The Family Review Center's Gold Award this September; and Dr. Toy's Best Picks New Products Award, which the game won in September.

The Reading Game has been awarded the Homeschool.com Seal of Approval.

To find out more on how to help your child become a better reader, visit: http://www.thereadinggame.com