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Target Shooting Empowerment

It’s not something many of us want to think about, but if your life were in danger how would you protect yourself?

The unsettling truth is that danger can strike at any moment and women can be viewed as easy targets. Many women are tired of feeling vulnerable and are taking a stand by purchasing firearms. In fact, guns stores report a 73% increase in the number of women purchasing firearms.

Kel-Tec CNC Industries has been operating for over 20 years and is dedicated to teaching women and families the proper ways to own, operate, and store firearms. One of the best ways to protect yourself in a case of emergency is to practice and know exactly what you are doing. Handling a firearm properly can be a matter of life and death.

Former deputy sheriff and ballistics officer of Orange County, Florida, Ryan Williams, wants you to remember these tips:

• When target shooting always wear ear protection and eye protection.

• A proper shooting stance provides a strong, stable platform that is important in maintaining and improving accuracy.

• For beginners, the isosceles stance is simple and easy to remember. It requires you to stand with both feet flat on the ground, shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent.

• The weaver stance is more advanced and requires you to stand with both feet on the ground, shoulder width apart, with your strong sided leg slightly back (boxer’s stance).

• Each firearm requires a different method of grip. Proper grip ensures accuracy, comfort, and safety.

• Your dominant hand should wrap around the bottom part of the pistol and sit right in between the web of your thumb and your index finger. Your non dominant hand should be placed on the other side of the weapon. Keep both thumbs below the slide to avoid pinching and jamming.

• Only point your gun to a target that you intend to shoot and destroy.

Most people never read instruction manuals and usually end up throwing them out. When owning a firearm the instruction manual is your best friend – it can break down the function of the weapon, show diagrams of the weapon, how to disassemble and clean your weapons, and give information on warranty.

Statistically, you will never have to use your weapon, but that doesn’t excuse a lack of knowledge and practice.

To learn more about firearm safety visit: www.KelTecWeapons.com