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Stand Tall

How many times did you hear “sit up straight” or “stand tall!” while growing up? And of course, “Don’t slouch!”

Good posture reflects confidence and a ‘ready to take on the world attitude.’ But that’s not all – it also plays a large part in our daily health and affects our bodies’ overall alignment. As adults we can feel those effects when we’ve been sitting at our computers all day -- and suffer from lower back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, or shoulder or neck discomfort.

For athletes, many sports injuries are due to poor alignment. Now there’s apparel with breakthrough technology incorporated into the clothing to give your body the alignment it needs: and it’s called the EBA posture shirt™!

The EBA (Evidence Based Apparel) develops garments that incorporate patented Neuroband™ technology that is strategically placed within the apparel to have a snug fit and to transmit balanced movements from the muscles to the bones and joints.

These Neurobands are variable elastic bands placed in specific locations from the neck to the bottom of the waist to stimulate the bodies’ core. Here are just a few of the benefits:

• Muscles are less tired

• Less prone to injury

• Improves Joint Pain

• Improves whole body posture

• You can wear it all day long

• Men’s and Women’s apparel available

“The EBA Posture Shirt™ performs like corrective lenses for vision -- once the form-fitting garment is placed on the body it works with the natural contraction properties of muscles to assist them in balancing and keeping joints aligned which can reduce muscle fatigue throughout your day and diminish the chance of injury being brought on by repetitive motions and awkward positions,” says Bill Schultz, CEO and Founder.

Evidence Based Apparel is committed to understanding the interactions of multiple biological responses in the human body and to integrate them into their garments, making them comfortable and attractive.

To start improving your posture, please visit: www.EBlife.com