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Mediterranean Style Cooking

Extra virgin olive oil, Pure olive oil, Extra light olive oil -- what are the differences? We hear it’s good for us, and unless we’re a chef, we may not know where to start when looking at the huge selection in the grocery store.

The way it’s prepared can make all the difference. Here is a quick run-down:

• Extra virgin olive oil -- is the highest quality of oil, is the natural juice of healthy olives which contains all of its natural properties, vitamins and antioxidants.

• Pure olive oil -- is a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and refined oil (from damaged or bruised olives, not apt for direct consumption but refined to correct these defects)

• Extra light olive oil -- is an oil that’s light in aroma and color, but not in fat. It’s refined oil.

These differences are huge when it comes to nutrients. Extra virgin olive oil, such a HojiBlanca’s, contains the highest amount. HojiBlanca brings Extra virgin olive oil based in the Andalucia region of Spain (the largest olive growing area in the world) to the USA.

Extra virgin olive oil, known for centuries to be part of a Mediterranean diet offers exceptional authentic flavor and numerous health benefits:

• It has many antioxidant properties such as polyphenol which is a well-known anti-inflammatory that helps decrease heart diseases and prevents osteoporosis in woman.

• It controls the lipids helping lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

• Helps control the growth of tumors in breast and colon cancer due to the high levels of oleic acid and antioxidants.

Not only does Extra virgin olive oil make a difference in your health, but also in the way your meal can taste. Many consumers spend a great deal of money on great meat and fish, but then try to get the cheapest olive oil. A bad olive oil can change the flavor of a great meal.

Look for Hojiblanca Extra virgin olive oil in their new dama bottle. Their olive oils are grown by a co-op of farmers who grow their trees to a set of standards, as well as being respectful of environmental factors and impact.

For more information, please visit: www.hojiblancausa.com