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Lightweight Litter

Do you own a cat? You wouldn’t be alone - 86 million Americans do!

Along with enjoying your furry feline comes the hassle of dealing with changing the litter box and buying kitty litter. What features should you look for in a good cat litter?

• A hard-clumping litter: The solid clumps should be easy to remove and throw out. Left over particles contribute to the build-up of smelly odors. Also, cats tend to prefer clumping litters because of the softer texture which helps encourage use.

• A fast-acting odor controlling ingredient that helps to keep the litter box fresher, longer.

• Minimal dust. Choose a cat litter that has low dust to reduce irritation in sensitive cats and owners and also to create a cleaner household environment.

Another consideration to keep in mind when choosing a cat litter is the WEIGHT! Lifting and carrying heavy boxes of scooping cat litter is not always easy, and can even hurt our backs!

Oil-Dri Corp. of America, the world’s largest cat litter manufacturer, has developed a lighter weight scoopable clay litter called Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® to reduce the heavy lifting that can cause back pain.

Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® :

• Is a revolutionary premium clumping litter that is up to 25% lighter than other scoopable cat litters – making it easier to lift, carry and pour.

• It’s lighter in weight yet still gives you the same number of uses* as other heavier clumping litters.

• Fresh & Light™ offers fast-acting odor control, keeping litter boxes fresher, longer.

• Low dust you can trust, resulting in less mess and clean up.

Fresh & Light™ is a blend of natural clay minerals that naturally absorbs moisture and odor extremely well.
Cat’s Pride is proud to carry the seal of American Humane Association and to deliver safe and effective odor control without harsh chemicals or overpowering fragrances and without the use of captive live animal testing.

For more information, visit us on www.catspride.com or www.facebook.com/catspride.

*Based on recommended litter-changing habits. Actual number of uses may vary based on individual litter changing habits.