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Prenatal Powerhouse

Vitamins should be taken on a regular basis to promote a healthy life. The use of vitamins becomes even more vital in women who are expecting. One of the most important vitamins women should consume before and during pregnancy is Folic Acid.

Regular consumption of Folic Acid can prevent:

• Nueral Tube Defects and Spina Bifida which are both preventable and easily avoided with consumption of Folic Acid.

• Pre-term birth, miscarriage and low birth weight.

• Heart disease and strokes for the expectant mother.

Did you know that many women do not get enough Folic Acid on a daily bases? This is because many women:

• Eat on the go
• Don’t eat full meals or skip meals
• Eat unhealthy

Because of this prenatal vitamins are extremely important to remain healthy throughout a pregnancy. An innovative new prenatal vitamin, the Prenate Mini ™from Avion Pharmaceuticals is formulated to ensure a daily dose of Folate as well as other key vitamins and minerals such as DHA.

DHA is just as important as Folic Acid and can support brain and eye development in the fetus and also supports improved immune system.

Pregnancy can cause morning sickness and who wants to take huge vitamins that you can barely swallow? Thanks to Prenate Mini™ that problem is solved. Prenate Mini™ is the smallest prescription prenatal vitamin available that still contains the daily value of Folic Acid and 350 mg of DHA.

If you are pregnant, trying to be, or know someone who is Prenate Mini™ prenatal vitamins are a great way to jump start a daily vitamin regimen and ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

For more information on Prenate Mini™, visit: http://www.prenate.com