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Ignite the Reading Flame

Learning to read is a huge milestone for children. Good reading skills help children excel in school and can even boost their confidence. What can parents do to help their kids stay interested in reading?

Pioneer Valley Books has a few suggestions to help your child on their path to progress:

• Get book that are at their reading level. Pioneer Valley books are ideal for children in prekindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, elementary children with special needs, and English learning students. Parents and children can go to Pioneer Valley website and take a reading assessment to learn their level of reading.

• Introduce your children to chapter books. There are plenty of chapter books that beginning readers can start to dive into. When kids start and finish their first chapter book they gain a sense of confidence and maturity. These beginner chapter books are only a few chapters long and won’t overwhelm your child.

• Choose books with pictures and illustrations. Many parents like to buy books that don’t contain pictures, but for beginning readers these illustrations are recommended. When children move on to different reading level pictures can help them read and understand the story. As your child progresses in reading less and less pictures will appear until eventually your child won’t need pictures at all.

• Buy your children character books. Buying books with characters that your children are passionate about will spark interest in reading. Many times children will become fans of the characters and will want to read other books that the character is a part of. Pioneer Valley offers character books at different reading levels so your children can grow with their favorite characters.

A few of Pioneer Valley’s most popular characters are:

• Bella & Rosie
• Jack & Daisy
• Jasper the Cat
• Little Dinosaur

To get more reading tips, take an assessment, and learn more about Pioneer Valley Books, visit: http://www.pioneervalleybooks.com