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Level the Reading Field

Did you know that a child’s confidence -- or lack of -- can affect their learning, memory, and engagement, especially when it comes to learning how to read?

So how do parents ensure that our children are getting the most out of their reading experience? Pioneer Valley Books believes that the most important factor is choosing books that are at your child’s reading level.

Children who read at their correct level:

• Learn to read more fluently, which leads to greater comprehension and learning.
• When a child reads a book that is too challenging they are forced to slow down and decode many words, resulting in cognitive overload that compromises the child’s ability to learn.

The best way to ensure that children are reading at their correct level is to perform reading assessments as a tool for literacy as opposed to evaluation and testing. With Pioneer Valley Books:

• Take a free online assessment to learn which reading level a child is at.

• Gain access to books from Pioneer Valley Books as well as other publishers based on the level reported by the assessment.

• Choose from books in different categories like fiction, nonfiction, character set, fables, folk tales, and much more.

• Offers clear fonts and sentence structure for easier reading

Pioneer Valley Books are ideal for prekindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, early second grade, special needs students, and English language learners. Through carefully selected reading vocabulary, sentence structure, careful spacing, and attention to line breaks, Pioneer Valley Books can assist in the development of strong reading strategies.

For more information and tips on how improve your child’s reading, please visit: www.pioneervalleybooks.com