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Inspire Love of Reading

Do you remember your excitement when your child started to read?

Watching the child go from pointing to pictures to actually reading the words is a thrill for any parent.

There is a common belief that children can’t read until they master decoding letters and words – but this is not generally the case. Children can learn letters and sounds WHILE they read even at a very young age, by associating pictures with words.

The earlier a child develops good reading skills, the better their foundation for fostering a lifelong love of reading and learning. There are concrete steps that any parent can take to support their child’s literacy learning:

• Engage your child in authentic reading every day.

• Select books at the right level for your child.

• Expose children to different literary experiences such as fiction, non-fiction, fables, etc.

• Keep reading a positive experience.

• Supplement paper book reading with computer book reading.

Pioneer Valley Books focuses on publishing high quality books and educational resources for the beginning reader, from K-2.

Lovable characters and interesting storylines help engage children early on in reading books; even adding his or her name to a story can increase a child’s interest. Pioneer Valley‘s photographed books use real dogs Bella, Rose, Jack and Daisy that kids identify with - and motivate them to learn.

Pioneer Valley strives to help build a lifelong love of reading and:

• Designs literacy materials that make use of a deep understanding of research on how children learn to read.

• Taps into a network of teachers and experts working in the field to help create products that are effective in helping children learn to read.

• Uses engaging storylines, lovable characters, information of interest to children, and naturally sounding language to make your child’s reading experiences meaningful and positive

• Provides literacy tools to support literacy learning: leveled books, assessments, technology, and teaching resources (video, blogs, lesson cards, stuffed animals, and more).

For more information, please visit: www.parents.pioneervalleybooks.com or www.pioneervalleybooks.com