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Cool Relief for Tired Feet

Do you remember how it felt as a kid when you’d run through a field of grass on a beautiful spring morning? The ground was so soft, blades of grass seemed to massage your feet as it slid in between your toes and the coolness of the morning dew on your feet was so relaxing.

Wouldn’t you love to feel like that every day, at work, at the store or just walking around? You can with FootFridge™ Innersoles!

Footfridge™ Innersoles are a unique solution to cushioning feet, keeping them cool and acting as a shock absorber for tired, hot feet. They are constructed with an active paste type innersole which creates a massaging motion with every step. The active paste moves backwards and forwards, stimulating the soles of the feet, increasing blood flow and reducing fatigue. The cooling action of the paste reduces sweating, thereby lessening the occurrence of bacteria growth.

What can you expect when you use Footfridge™ Innersoles?

• Helps beat the heat

• Reduces sweating

• Helps eliminate foot odor

• Suitable for Diabetics

• Provides a foot massage with every step!

85% of people suffer from hot, tired feet which increases the risk of bacterial infection, foot trauma and dehydration -- Don’t be one of them! People with diabetes are especially at risk as they traditionally have problems with their feet ranging from poor circulation to pain while walking. Footfridge™ Innersoles supply the relief needed by cooling the feet, aiding with circulation and helping to eliminate odor
Footfridge™ Innersoles are making their United States debut right now!

To learn more about Footfridge™ Innersoles please visit their website at www.footridgeinnersoles.com.