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Breakfast Boost

How many times have you been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, it’s time to start listening!

You’re probably thinking it’s impossible to enjoy a healthy yet tasty breakfast, but you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health any more. With Start Healthy Sandwiches you can jump start your day on a delicious note.

Did you know that reducing high cholesterol starts with eating a healthy breakfast? Eating a healthy breakfast can even boost your metabolism to help aid weight loss. I bet you won’t skip breakfast any more.

Start Healthy from Grand Prairie Foods understands that in today’s world it’s difficult to eat healthy with a busy schedule, and that’s why they offer “ready to heat and eat” products. Start Healthy offers great tasting food, made from great ingredients that are convenient and easy to prepare.

Each of the Start Healthy breakfast sandwiches has:

• Up to 30% of your daily protein value

• 10% of daily fiber value

• Cholesterol free eggs

• Reduced fat cheese

• Whole grain breads

• No preservatives or additives

Start Healthy is passionate about keeping our environment healthy as well. All boxes are recyclable and made from recycled material that are manufactured and printed in a green plant powered by wind energy.

To help you kick start your day, Start Healthy is giving away fit kits that include nutritional facts and even a speed-o-meter so you can track your healthy habits.

To get healthy with Start Healthy, visit: http://www.starthealthyfoods.com