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Crowning Glory

Tired of hiding under that hat when you have a bad hair day? Do you think there is no hope because your hair breakage is so bad?

There is an answer! And it starts with simply nourishing your hair, just like you nourish your body and soul.

We all know that healthy looking hair is attractive and is a reflection of our personal care -- but our daily activities such as dying our hair, using harsh chemicals, blowing drying, straightening or simply combing can cause damage.

Along with a healthy lifestyle, having a shampoo and conditioner that will nurture your hair with natural ingredients, while providing protection and strength is a key factor to having healthier looking hair.

Brock Beauty’s Essentious hair care line helps to maintain healthy hair so you can have a good hair day – every day!

Hair breakage and hair loss are signs of unhealthy hair and Brock beauty’s line of hair care can help with their 3 step approach starting with:

• Shampoo, which contains Aloe Vera gel to reduce breakage.

• Conditioning moisture treatment that hydrates the hair.

• Once a week deep conditioning treatment will work to add more protein and moisture in the hair.

Brock Beauty Representative and Television Host Stephanie Bauer recommends staying away from products that contain silicones, sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum and paraphen –all common preservatives.

Brock Beauty, Inc. is an innovative natural hair and skin care company committed to delivering lasting results and affordable, healthy solutions to enhance and preserve your natural beauty.

For more information, please check out www.brockbeauty.com