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Giant Protein Boost

When we look for ways to lose weight or increase our sport performance, many of us reach for a protein shake. Most protein shakes have an unpleasant aftertaste, but not all proteins are created equal.

In the quest for healthy living, and a delicious protein shake the protein powder is key. Giant Sports Products Co-founder, co-formulator Joe Babick and Dr. Stephen Schmitz came up with the idea to use food science and technology to create a smooth texture and delicious flavor with no nasty aftertaste.

Two servings provide the US RDA for 100% daily value in protein!

Giant Sports Products offers a protein powder that tastes great and is better for you than most leading brands.
The misconception is that only men consume protein shakes, but lately more women and adolescents have been using it to amplify their performance and results.

In comparison to competitors, Giant Sport Protein offers great nutritional value and benefits.

Each serving contains:

• 27 grams of high quality Whey and Protein
• 4 grams of Carbohydrates
• 2 grams of Fat
• No added sugar or Maltodextrin


• Low in calories
• Great tasting
• Mixes well
• Good source of Calcium
• 100 percent Gluten free
• Physician reviewed
• Convenient
• Quick and easy
• Offered in several flavors

Try using Giant Sports Protein powder in more than shakes – like in cookie or cake batter! To learn more, visit: http://www.giantsportsproducts.com