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Shake Rub and Roll

Does your dog love being in the water?

As pet parents, you want your pet to enjoy a cool swim in the pool, a run through a hose or a nice sudsy bath. It’s after the fun is over and it’s time for the dog to shake off the water that makes us run for cover from the unintentional shower we receive on our bodies, furniture, floors and carpets!

Besides water, you’ll want to avoid:

• Wet dog smell

• Scary loud blow dryer

• Chasing your dog around to catch the dripping

• Use of multiple towels that aren’t absorbing -- that you’ll need to wash

So how does a dog get rid of the water on its fur without splashing everything in sight?

The FUR Dry™ is made by FURminator and is the latest in fabric design and technology. FUR Dry is a patented dog-drying wrap that rapidly draws water away from a dog’s coat:

• Is made of Micro-fiber

• Thick

• Absorbent

• Wicks away moisture

• Shortens drying time

• Can calm dogs down before or after baths or water events!

Simply wrap the appropriate size The FUR Dry™ around your animal and secure with the Velcro band…it’s like a bathrobe for pets! Secure, warm and snug, your pet will have less anxiety -- and so will you!

For more information, please visit: www.FURminator.com