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Surprise Filled Pan

Innovators come from all walks of life. You may have even passed an inventor while walking around town today, or maybe the person in the cubicle next to you or your child’s soccer coach thought of a great idea.

Or maybe it’s time you took YOUR idea and started the process of possibly seeing it turn into reality.

George Davison, CEO and Founder of Davison, home of Davison’s Inventionland, the country’s largest invention factory, is ready to assist people like you -- people who may not know where to turn for expert advice. For 20 years, Davison has guided prospective inventors in all aspects of the process:

• Develops product samples

• Helps test the product for durability, safety, etc.

• Helps connect you with companies who may want to license your idea.

Take for example, Pete, who works at Inventionland and loves cupcakes. He came up with his own idea to create a cupcake pan that had a special insert in each cup so that after the cupcakes were baked, the person eating them would taste a surprise filling.

After several revamps and a safer design, the Surprise Filled Pan was ready to market. Pete enjoyed a successful ending to his invention story.

Davison’s proven way to invent takes some the fear and uncertainty out of the process, enabling people to “Dare to Invent.”