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Surfer Bike

Kids love to play outside. And having the chance to ride on some new cool wheels, well, they just might be the hit of the neighborhood!

Where did the idea come from for the unicycle, bicycle or skateboard? Someone thought it up, and the next cool invention on wheels could come from you!

That’s exactly what happened to John Lavarone, an extreme sports enthusiast from CA who wanted to create a sturdier, safer version of the scooter for his young son.

With help from the Davison team led by Founder George Davison guiding him through the entire process, the BikeBoard was given a West Coast surfer feel, and driven to a successful finish!

Davison can:

• Offer inventors a way to pursue their ideas in a safe, easy and affordable way.

• Turn concept of creative idea into a viable product.

• Build your product into a working prototype or product sample that can be presented.

• Guide the entire process every step of the way.

• Work with you to turn your idea into product sample complete with packaging, and then work to connect you to companies who may want to license or buy your idea.

• Protect your idea – it always belongs to you!

Check out Davison’s webisode series, which feature true stories of a real person’s journey through the challenging process of bring their ideas to life, and then trying to take it to the masses.