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Do you Dare to Invent?

Do YOU have a great idea for a new product?

How do you get it out of your head and into the stores?

You can take the first step and “Dare to Invent” with Davison!

For over 20 years, Davison Inc. has used their successfully proven Davison Inventing Method to get ideas out of people’s heads and possibly into the hands of stores! George Davison (“Mr. D”) has a passion for helping people invent. His method can:

• Offer inventors a way to pursue their ideas in a safe, easy and affordable way.

• Turn concept of creative idea into a viable product.

• Build your product into a working prototype or product sample that can be presented.

• Guide the entire process every step of the way.

• Work with you to turn your idea into product sample complete with packaging, and then work to
connect you to companies who may want to license or buy your idea.

• Protect your idea – it always belongs to you!

Aspiring inventors like former U.S. Marine Joe Springer received guidance from Davison.
Here’s an overview of his story:

Joe loved brownies and was determined to find a way to have a chewy edge around every brownie in the pan. After Davison looked at similar products on the market, and performed some testing, they decided to expand the idea – and the Silicone Dessert Pan was born. The pan uses a single insert which creates individual brownies, which has led to other pan designs.

Follow Joe’s successful journey here: http://www.thebalancingact.com/video/?v=GNW5YAYGI04020

Is it time for you to Dare to Invent?