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Cool Cot House

Do you dream about making your life easier with an invention of your own design? Have you thought about how your own invention could not only turn a profit but help many other people as well?

Many of these dreams never come to fruition because the process of bringing them to life seems too complex and expensive to the inventor. One pioneer in the field named George Davison or “Mr. D” has devised a way to make the process simpler and less costly so that anyone can have the chance at seeing their dreams come true!

For over 20 years, Davison Inc. has used their successfully proven Davison Inventing Method to get ideas out of people’s heads and possibly into the hands of stores! “Mr. D” has a passion for helping people like you invent!
Davison will:

• Work with you to turn your idea into product sample complete with packaging, and then work to
connect you to companies who may want to license or buy your idea.

• Offer inventors a way to pursue their ideas in a safe, easy and affordable way.

• Turn concept of creative idea into a viable product.

• Build your product into a working prototype or product sample that can be presented.

• Protect your idea – it always belongs to you!

• Guide the entire process every step of the way.

One inventor found a better way to keep her pet cool, dry and comfortable in any condition. Here’s her story:

Sharon, your everyday housewife and mother wanted a comfortable, convenient place for her dogs and cats to sleep on or in while on camping trips or at home in her own backyard. While shopping in one of America's largest retailers, Sharon noticed a small pop-up tent and thought that a real tent that size offered the perfect solution for her furry friends.

She brought her idea to Davison, and the Cool Cot House was born!

That’s what Davison clients tend to do – find a better way to solve a problem.