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Star Spangled

How many times have you had the spark of a great idea for a new product?

You may have even gone as far as talking it over with your friends and family – only to let it drop for lack of knowing where to go or how to move forward. Then one day you see that exact product in a store or on the web that someone else went ahead and brought to fruition – that could have been you!

Now someone else is reaping the monetary benefits. So how do you go about taking a chance?

Turn your dream idea into a reality with Davison Inc. For over 20 years Davison has helped everyday people like you prepare and present their ideas to corporations, manufacturers, and retailers for possible licensing.
Davison Inc., created by George Davison, (“Mr. D”) expert inventor and creator of the Davison Inventing Method will:

• Help inspiring inventors who have a good idea that solves a problem, but who don’t know where to start or who to trust.

• Offers inventors a way to pursue their ideas in a safe, easy and affordable way.

• Turn concept of creative idea into a viable product.

• Build your product into a working prototype or product sample that can be presented.

• Guide the entire process every step of the way.

• Works with you to turn your idea into product sample complete with packaging, and then work to connect you to companies who may want to license or buy your idea.

• Protect your idea – it always belongs to you!

For real success stories, make sure to check out Davison’s “Dare to Invent” - a webisode series that shows what can happen when people take a leap of faith - and Dare to Invent. Each 6-8-minute webisode features the true story of a real person's journey through the challenging process of bringing their idea to life, with designing, engineering, building, packing and testing the idea, then trying to get it out into the world.

The webisode completes with George Davison meeting the inventor to let them know the final outcome. If their product makes it to the store, George adds it to the massive overhead conveyor of products that have sold in stores. He presents them with their first royalty check.