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Driving the Electric Revolution

Did you know there’s a new car on the market that’s actually GOOD for the environment – and GOOD for your wallet?

Between the price of fueling up at the pump and the effect of gas emissions dumped into our earth’s atmosphere, are you ready to consider an alternative type of vehicle?

Nissan is “leading the charge” in the electric vehicle revolution with their new Nissan LEAF™ electric car!

As the 1st mass market, 100% electric (no-gas) vehicle on the market, the Nissan LEAF™ is a “real” car. It takes you where you need to go with minimal impact on the environment.

Many road warriors may raise objections to having an electric car (EV) because they think it 1) wouldn’t be fast enough or 2) won’t allow them to drive far enough.

On average U.S. drivers drive fewer than 37 miles per day. The Nissan LEAF™ has up to 100 miles on a single charge so you can get where you need to go with plenty of range to spare. Based on national averages it would cost you roughly $2.88 to fully charge your Nissan LEAF™, which equates to $0.04 per mile.

What do consumers need to know when considering a move to an EV?

• Environmental benefits – zero Emissions
• Money saving benefits – gas prices predicted to go up; electricity cost per mile lower
• Tax credit
• EV more practical, feasible than ever.
• Technology advancements
• Charging in off-peak hours

Let’s talk about ‘re-fueling’…. or ‘re-charging’ the car:

• Full charge time is less than 3 hours
• Nearly silent
• Improved design to cut down wind noise and lessen wind resistance. Very aero-dynamic.

Packed with ultra convenient features the LEAF™ is a mainstream innovation that makes your life better:

• zero tailpipe emissions/Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV)
• 100% electric - no gas required
• range – 100 miles/charge based upon US EPA LA4 City cycle
• speeds up to 90 mph
• 5 passengers seating capacity, 5 doors
• No more fluids associated with engines – motor oil, transmission fluid, etc.
• Ample storage space since no gas tank

Nissan’s driving force behind their products and operations focuses on meeting the needs of their customers while sustaining our planet’s resources.

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