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Make a Difference Today!

Cancer is not who you are, cancer does not define a person. Cancer is something that happened to you or someone you know. It’s the response to cancer that can change lives. Many are responding to this disease in the most positive way possible – they are rising above it and making a difference in the world through fundraising activities dedicated to funding research to end this sometimes deadly, always life changing, disease.

It’s been said that the best way to heal yourself is to help someone else. If your experience as a survivor, a fighter, a family member or a friend can help just one person through their journey, you’ve made a difference. Now imagine if you can help hundreds of thousands of other people. Fundraisers large and small all around the globe are doing just that. Raising dollars are not only contributing to cancer research to end this disease, these dollars also contribute to self healing, to supporting another person who is going through what you did, to supporting their families who can feel so helpless watching their loved one suffer.

Where can you find these fundraisers? Everywhere! What kind of events are these? Here are a few events that have partnered with The Gateway for Cancer Research:

• Golf for Gateway - The Committee to Support Cancer Research was founded by Rose Murphy, a stage 3 pancreatic cancer survivor. In their second year hosting this event, they raised over $53,000.

• Spare Time 4 A Cure – Organized by three people as an annual tribute to family and friends living with cancer or lost to cancer, this fundraiser includes a bowling competition and a raffle

• Team Demand – These fundraisers range from a small event like a birthday party where donations are made to Gateway in lieu of a gift, to office jeans days, to larger events such as runs and athletic events. Longerberger Basket Bingo is an annual event in Indiana that raised $10,411 this year alone.

Any idea can make a great fundraiser, you’re only limited by your imagination. Donations large and small all make a difference and are welcome by The Gateway for Cancer Research. How many people do you know who are or have been affected by cancer? How often have you said to yourself, I wish I knew how to help them? You can! Start small, go big, just take the first step and organize an event that will potentially change the direction of so many people’s lives touched by cancer. We can all make a difference. There’s no time like now!

For more information on The Gateway For Cancer Research and to get more tips on starting a fundraising event in your area, please visit their website at www.demandcurestoday.org