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Lusher Lashes with Caribbean Conditioner

Dreaming about eye-fluttering, beautiful eyelashes? It doesn’t have to be an impossible dream!

Many women don’t realize that conditioning your eyelashes is like conditioning your hair. It’s necessary if you want them looking beautiful and healthy -- and the depths of the beautiful Caribbean Sea brings the inspiration for a natural way to get the lusher lashes you desire.

No one wants to damage their eyesight for the sake of longer, plumper eyelashes -- bringing harsh chemicals in close contact with your eyes can be a hair-raising prospect. Fortunately, there are different levels of eyelash conditioners on the market. The harshest are the prescription medications, which have sometimes even been found to permanently alter eye color in women with lighter colored eyes. The safest of these eyelash serums, however, is so mild and safe that you can even apply it as you’re heading to bed.

Among eyelash conditioners, Maxeylash Maintenance is one of the safest for the eyes, yet it’s effective enough to make a noticeable difference in the health and fullness of lashes. It’s a natural-based product that:

• Contains Soothing Black Sea Rod oil, a natural coral extract harvested in the ocean water surrounding the Cayman Islands

• Is safe enough to apply before bedtime

• Feeds your eyelashes while you sleep

• Has no harsh, synthetic chemicals like prescription eyelash conditioners

The many eyelash enhancing products out there show that there are some with “peptides” which have no proven benefits, and others so harsh they can damage the eye. Finding the right balance between effectiveness and safety is what eyelash healthcare is about. In fact, Maxeylash’s eyelash conditioner is so versatile, it can be used to fill in your eyebrows and strengthen your nail beds.

Maxeylash Cosmetics is also proud of their commitment to the Cayman Islands efforts in marine conservation and research, and proudly donate a royalty to the Cayman Islands Department of Environment.

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