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Strong Bones

How many cups of milk would you need to drink to get your daily recommended value of Calcium and vitamin D?

It takes roughly 3 ½ x 8 oz cups of milk every day to meet the recommended daily goal, but because of diet and lifestyle changes, most people, including teens, do not get enough.

Why is it so easy for calcium deficiency to occur?

• Dietary restrictions (gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance, vegan)
• Celiac disease
• Weight loss surgery
• Dieting – key nutrients do not get absorbed

Proper Calcium and Vitamin D intake is vital to our health. For men and women, low calcium and D intake can lead to low bone density, decreased bone strength and brittle bone disease – osteoporosis.

Botanical Labs’ Wellesse liquid supplements can add to your overall health and wellness every day – and makes sure you are receiving the essential nutrients your body needs, at any age:

• Ease of use ( just 1 ounce or less a day is all you need)

• Can be taken directly or in water, juice, with or without foods

• Liquid nutrients are faster absorbing than pills or tablets

• Easy to digest

• No need to swallow a big pill

• Dosage cup allows for adjustable dosing

• Certified Gluten-free

Wellesse liquid supplements make the fact of getting essential vitamins and minerals into your daily diet easy to swallow!

To learn more about the entire line of Wellesse Premium Liquid Supplements, please visit their website at www. Wellesse.com