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Looking for a Job?

Today over 12 million Americans are unemployed -- and out of the people who do have jobs 60 percent are unhappy.

Many people have the mentality that “people should be happy that they have a job at all,” and although many are happy and thankful to be employed, they are still not satisfied with the company they work for.

What makes a company a great place to work?

Ultimate Software Group, , a leading cloud provider of HR, payroll, and talent solutions, established itself in the top 25 of FORTUNE magazine’s 2012 “100 Best Companies to Work For” list! Ultimate wants to help people determine what makes them unhappy with their jobs.

While job hunting, prospective employees should pay attention to:

• Company culture
• Salary or hourly wage
• Environment for women, kids
• Job responsibilities
• Type of benefits

When searching for a job the best way to tell if the company matches your lifestyle and values is to:

• Read their webpage, read their social media pages, and get in contact with current employees.

• Look for buzz words like family, culture, benefits, and 100% medical, which tell a lot about the company’s morals and values and how much they care for their employees.

• Research employee retention rates; high retention rates show that they care for their employees.

• Read Fortune Magazine’s list of best companies to work for and see if the company made their list. (Ultimate Software ranked in the Top 25!)

If you are unhappy with your current job or are unemployed, Ultimate Software is looking for hardworking individuals to add to their great team.

For more information, tips, and career opportunities, visit:

http://: www.ultimatesoftware.com