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An Educational Tool that Keeps Teaching Writing Simple!

Writing is a craft that requires frequent, effective teaching. It can open doors to creative self-expression, and academic opportunity. It is not based on established facts like vocabulary, phonics, or arithmetic. Even the rules of grammar and spelling are often broken by the best writers! But understanding these rules gives one the ability to break them effectively.

In order to learn writing, one must be actively immersed in a form of education that encourages curiosity and questioning. Strong writing demands the kind of critical thinking skills that allow a person to sort ideas and organize thoughts in a way that others can understand. Moreover, this kind of education should have a strong basis in children beginning with elementary school.

Unfortunately, many students are being cheated out of the development of these critical writing skills. There is a lot of focus in schools on developing math and reading skills, but writing and the arts are continuously being ignored. It has been very difficult for schools to develop truly effective programs in writing because of its subjective nature. Many teachers are insecure writers themselves and thus have trouble teaching it to students.

There is hope, though. 48 states have adopted the Common Core Writing Standards. These standards are internationally benchmarked and widely praised by educators! Their implementation is the push that schools need to begin offering serious writing programs to students.

WriteSteps is a teaching and learning approach that can be followed by anyone who works with 5 to 11 year olds. It has been tested and proven in classrooms with a variety of teaching styles and socio-economic levels. It works well not only for those students who are naturally inclined towards writing, but also for reluctant writers, kids with ADD, and kids with learning disabilities.

Unique tools from WriteSteps, such as their graphic organizers, help students get excited about a new approach to learning. For example, their 3 box plan allows the child to draw or write key words in each of the boxes corresponding to the beginning, middle, and end of their story. This tool helps young writers to organize their thoughts and develop the critical thinking skills necessary to express them.

Most importantly, it empowers teachers – even those who may not feel like strong writers themselves – by giving them all the tools they need to become confident, effective Common Core writing instructors!

For more information, please visit http://www.WriteStepsWriting.com.