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Do you know your CQ?

Most people have heard of an “IQ” score, or even an “EQ” score (emotional intelligence)....but what’s a “CQ”?

There’s a new metric in the educational and corporate world that’s becoming better known – it’s called the “CQ”, or “cultural quotient.”The People to People Ambassador Program is the only educational company that has adopted this metric to access how students can be successful in our globalized world.

The People to People Student Ambassador Program is the country’s most recognized provider of educational travel programs for 5th-12th grade students in the United States:

• Destinations to 40 counties on 7 continents

• Teacher-led safe group environment, where students can get behind-the-scenes and immerse themselves in cultures around the world

• Traveled more than 500,000 people from around the world

• Unparalleled access to foreign cultures and countries

• Students can raise their cultural quotient by studying beforehand, delving into and participating in a culture’s customs -- like a Japanese tea ceremony -- rather than approaching other cultures like a tourist.

Today, as our economy globalizes and competition in higher education and the workplace increases, parents are looking for opportunities that will give their children a competitive edge, and create the foundation for more culturally aware young adults.

Is it the right time to raise your Child’s “CQ”?

People to People Ambassador Programs has informational meetings occurring around the United States this fall. For more information, please visit: www.peopletopeople.com