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Your Reputation -- On the Line

Your life is an open book in the digital world. We’re all leaving a digital trail behind us every single time we post on Facebook, send an email, Twitter, shop online, or write in a blog.

It’s common to “look someone up” when entering into a new relationship or starting a new job. What if you are up for a job promotion? Do you know if there is any damaging information about you online that your employer could dig up? Or what if your child is “bullied” online?

How can you preserve and protect your child’s and your own reputation?

• Research yourself on-line and see what information is popping up - You could be shocked at what you find!

• Make sure you’re on your teen’s Facebook page

• Be careful about what images and information you share and with whom

• Adjust settings on social sites to block their ability to track you and display personal information

• Buy the domain to your name

Consider hiring a Search Engine Reputation Management firm such as Reputation Advocate, Inc.!

RESPOND. DON’T REACT! Negative content can’t always be removed, but it can be mitigated. If you find unflattering or damaging info about yourself on a blog, Look at the terms of service at the bottom of the site and see if the information could be considered inappropriate, then report it.

Want to know more?

“Violated Online”, written by Steve Wyer, Managing Director of Reputation Advocate, provides real life stories and more than 50 teaching points to help people begin to take control on their online reputation.

Protect your reputation and visit: www.ReputationAdvocate.com and ViolatedOnline.com