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Discover Your “Body Type” and Start Lose Weight!

Ever wondered about that one guy in the office who eats burgers and fries for lunch every day, yet never gains a pound? Then there’s the girl who lives in the gym, but still can’t seem to lose her belly fat? Well, it all boils down to each individual’s “body type” and how their body reacts to food and fitness. Monica Cardone, founder of FindYourBodyType.com and president of The Berg Institute of Health and Wellness, joins The Balancing Act to discuss how important body type can be to weight loss.

There are 4 distinct body types, Cardone explains, and each one must be treated differently when formulating a weight loss plan. Most people simply don’t know how to diagnose their own needs properly so they can “trigger” their body to lose weight and stay healthy. That’s why she started FindYourBodyType.com – to guide people towards the right track for more long lasting results.

Cardone became inspired to help others slim down after her own battles with weight loss. She personally tried over 60 “fad” diets starting when she was only 14 years old, all of which promised quick results, but never delivered. Finally, while working in India, she discovered the technology of “body types” and was able to use this knowledge to shed 30 pounds and keep the weight off for good.

She then came upon the published works of Dr. Eric Berg, Founder of the Berg Institute for Health and Wellness, whose philosophies are based upon hormone imbalances. His book “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning” became the foundation for her mission to change people lives and help them lose weight.

“FindYourBodyType.com is the culmination of years of research, personal commitment and passion; with the mission to discover a simple yet real solution for weight loss that takes the ‘guess work’ out of healthy dieting” Cardone says.

Want to know what your body type is, and how to use that knowledge to lose weight and keep it off? Go to www.findyourbodytype.com and become “enlightened” today.