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Learning How to 'Read' Your Children...

As part of our week-long series for Children’s Book Week, The Balancing Act invited the award winning author and musician Johnette Downing to join us on the show. She has a passion for encouraging young imaginations.

Johnette was born in Louisiana, the birthplace of Dixieland Jazz, Jazz, Cajun, Creole and Zydeco music. She is dedicated to sharing her Louisiana musical and literary heritage from the roots up with children. Through her musical performances, children have an opportunity to express themselves creatively, use their imaginations, learn about music and music concepts, embrace cultural diversity, interact socially with other children through dance, movement and singing, and celebrate the joy of childhood through the laughter, play, wonder, unity and community music offers.

“The rich musical influences of my childhood, along with Afro-Caribbean rhythms, are my muse and inspire my songwriting,” says Johnette. “I am committed to keeping my region’s musical culture through a musical gumbo of interactive performances.”

In addition to performing around the world, she delights young readers everywhere with her popular books, which include Today is Monday in Texas, Why the Crawfish Lives in the Mud, Chef Creole and Down in Louisiana.

Thanks to the Children’s Book Council, we are pleased to celebrate children’s books with a spicy, southern flair! For more information, visit www.cbcbooks.org and www.johnettedowning.com.