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Avoiding the 'Silent Threat' of Germs...

Most of us know that if someone near you is sick, and they cough, sneeze or touch us, you could get sick too. What most people don’t realize is that more people get sick from touching infected hard surfaces such as a shared computer keyboard at the office, a door handle and even the arm rest of a chair in the doctor’s office. The Balancing Act gets expert advice on how to kill the toxic triple threat of bacteria, germs and fungi.

Our special guest is Dr. Bob Arnot, who formerly served as NBC’s Chief Medical Correspondent. He describes the “touch surfaces” as a “Silent Threat” because the germs there are just waiting to get to you! He says that the key to avoiding this problem is to properly disinfect surfaces with the right products.

Dr. Arnot’s surprising tips:

• Most people think you spray a traditional disinfectant onto a surface, wipe it up, and the germs are killed. WRONG!

• Traditional disinfectants need to STAY WET on the surface you’ve sprayed it on -- for 10-MINUTES before any germs are actually killed.

• Most people do not know this because they don’t read the label. Furthermore, the solution usually evaporates in less than 2 minutes which is not effective.

• They also don’t know that once a surface is DRY, most traditional disinfectants are no longer effective. So one spray does not protect you all day.

• If you really read the label of a traditional disinfect, many say they are extremely dangerous to use around children and some can cause asthma or other respiratory illnesses.

Dr. Arnot recommends SpectraSan 24™ from Biotech Med. He says it is virtually the safest disinfectant on the market today. When SpectraSan 24™ is dry, it’s still working. It continues killing germs for 24-hours, unlike traditional disinfectants that stop once they are dry minutes later.

• It’s safe for pets and you can use it around food in the kitchen without worrying.

• It’s approved for use around children. In fact, Dr. Arnot suggests that moms get a small bottle and send it to summer camp with your kids!

For more information, visit www.touchsurfaces.org.