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Keeping You at 'Bay'-- Can be a Good Thing!

There's water everywhere you turn around-- but how about a delicious drink? We all know the importance of keeping our bodies hydrated, but a beverage that is both beneficial and great tasting would really quench our thirst. The Balancing Act found a great solution in the Chadwick Bay™ beverages.

Our special guest, Matt Walker, is a beverage distributor for Cliffstar Corporation and he brought our attention to the “beneficial beverage” culinary trend.

The concept is simple: hydrate your body with a beverage that that is all-natural, tastes great and satisfies your cravings without artificial ingredients. Even though it sounds simple, and very appealing, most of us have a hard time deciphering ingredient labels and trying to determine what is really inside a container of juice, flavored tea or smoothie.

Thanks to Walker, we were introduced to Chadwick Bay™, a brand we can trust for its natural ingredients, unique beverages and delicious flavors.

Their products contain no artificial flavors and they’re delicious!

For more information, visit www.chadwickbaybeverages.com.