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Feel the Burn

Thoughts of fitting into last year’s swimsuit may be on the minds of many women as the warmer weather beckons towards pools, beaches and summer activities.

What if you could get full body conditioning with a light, handheld machine that you could use standing, sitting or even laying down in your bed?

The Burn Machine produces “The Speed Bag, ”named for the technique used by boxers . It’s a specially designed freeweight with 360-degree rotating grips that makes it simple to work all the muscles of the upper body in a simple, low-impact fashion -- combining the benefits of a complete conditioning and strengthening workout into one sleek compact handheld machine.

The Speed Bag’s many benefits include:

• Increases cardiovascular and muscular endurance
• Can be used by people of any age or fitness level
• Easy to Use “At Home Fitness”
• Fits into any exercise plan
• Extremely portable as it can literally travel along with you
• Tones while burning calories to sculpt muscles
• Comes in weights of 4, 8 and 12 lbs.
• Aids in rehabilitating your joints and muscles if you have an injury in your upper body

Used by collegiate, professional athletes and sports teams for total body conditioning and muscle and joint rehabilitation, the Speed Bag was endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association in 2011 as a low-cost alternative to upper-body ergometer machines that cost thousands of dollars.

Individuals of any age or fitness level can pick up a Speed Bag, spin it, and immediately begin to reap the benefits of improving health and appearance.

For more info, please visit: www.theburnmachine.com or