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Taking in a Fresh Breath of the New Year!

The New Year, "New You" episodes of The Balancing Act focus on ways in which viewers can easily and affordably live up to their resolutions for 2010. Taking better care of one’s health is a common goal and it might surprise you that your mouth is a good place to start.

Having fresh breath and an attractive smile are what motivate most people to brush their teeth, use a mouth rinse and visit their dentist on a regular basis. According to special guest, Jeffrey Hillman, DMD, PhD, those are good reasons but there is more to the story in regards to oral care. Dental caries, also known as tooth decay or cavity, can lead to a wide variety of health problems and have even been linked to heart disease. He shares his insight into the ways in which the health of the oral cavity actually has a direct relation to overall systemic health.

The human mouth teems with bacteria and the “bad” bacteria can enter the blood stream and travel to other parts of the body. While most of us assume that gargling with mouth wash solves the problem, it is not the best remedy. Conventional mouth rinses kill the “bad” bacteria as well as the “good” bacteria which protects the oral cavity. Thanks to Hillman, who is an oral care expert and founder of Oragenics, Inc., The Balancing Act has found a natural, safe and effective solution. The EvoraPlus™ breath mints help to freshen breath, by including probiotic tooth whitening ingredients that supports gum and tooth health. The mints are also gentle enough for use with crowns, bridges, caps, veneers and dental braces.

For the New Year and new you, Hillman’s recommendation couldn’t be easier or more refreshing: a breath mint! For more information about EvoraPlus and the national stores where it is sold, visit www.oragenics.com.