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Does Your Phone Have ESP?

Emergency personnel and paramedics are trained to act quickly to find critical information when every second counts. Did you know that your cell phone is one of the primary resources they use to gain that information?

On this edition of The Balancing Act, we invited Richard Krutosik, an ER nurse, to offer expert advice on a potentially life-saving solution. It is a down-loadable software for your mobile phone known as ESP: Emergency Service Profile. ESP, from MyRapidMD, is a cell phone application that provides your critical emergency medical, identification and contact information that can be accessed in the event of an accident or medical emergency.

According to Krutosik, vital information such as identification, emergency contacts, allergies to medication, blood type and current medications are all critical details for emergency responders to know, but often victims or patients are not conscious or readily able to provide the answers. Thanks to ESP, those details can be stored under an icon on ones cell phone and thus be immediately accessible to paramedics, nurses, police officers, firefighters and other first responders.

Help prepare yourself and your family for an unexpected medical emergency with the help of ESP:

• Speed and information: The two things that can make the difference between life and death.

• Designed by first response and emergency room professionals with a combined 100 years plus of emergency experience their Emergency Services Advisory Board knows which information they want to see when trying to save someone's life.

• ESP delivers the right information – no more no less. There are 17 fields of information to fill out, but they don’t include sensitive information such as a social security number or financial details.

• Easily Accessible - Just by clicking the ESP icon on your cell phone, first responders can quickly access your critical emergency information.

• 24/7 automated backup call center - Because people lose, break or lock things, ESP ensures that even without your phone, first responders can still get your critical information when needed.

Krutosik shared the story of an 11 year-old girl who was at the movie theater with friends and experienced a medical emergency. Responders used her cell phone to try to locate her parents but the calls went to voicemail. When the parents got the message and arrived at the hospital, they told physicians that she is allergic to peanuts and had apparently gotten a chocolate treat at the movie theater that she didn’t know had peanuts in it. This is just one example, from young people to the elderly, of how ESP can help when every second counts.

For more information visit www.MyRapidMD.com.