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Spend your Calories Wisely...

In an effort to help consumers regulate their caloric intake, many companies have started offering 100 calorie packages of their most popular products. Portion control is very important to a healthy diet, but if you are simply eating a smaller amount of the same junk food, you’re still not getting the nutrients your body needs! 100 calorie packages of things like cookies and brownies are missing the fiber and protein to keep you full, so chances are you’ll be downing another package soon afterward.

That’s why Vitalicious® has designed delicious 100 calorie snacks that contain all of the vital nutrients needed for good health without the fat, cholesterol, sodium, and preservatives other snacks contain. The VitaTop is a slim muffin top that fits into your toaster, and the VitaMuffin is a fluffy, delicious 100 calorie muffin. There are 15 different flavors to choose from, including the popular new Apple Crumb VitaTop.

You can burn off the 100 calories contained in a VitaTop or VitaMuffin by walking for 13-15 minutes, and you’ll still feel satisfied. At 530 calories, the average generic muffin would take about 70 minutes to burn off, but would leave you malnourished and craving more junk food.

Vitalicious® Benefits:

• Only 100 delicious calories

• License to eat chocolate! Indulge with deep, rich chocolate

• Maximum nutrition & pleasure for minimum calories

• Satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories

• Way beyond portion control- Packed with nutrients & fiber

• More bang for your calorie buck

Deep Chocolate VitaTops have been honored by Good Housekeeping Magazine as one of the best low-calorie snacks and have won the #1 best health food award in Fitness Magazine’s freezer section. They’ve also made the list of best packaged foods in Women’s Health Magazine and continue to impress health professionals with their innovative style and taste.

If you have 100 calories to spend, why not spend them wisely? Vitalicious® gives you the most for your calories without sacrificing on flavor, enjoyment, and nutrition.

For more information go to www.vitalicious.com.