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Lisa Cera

Stylist Lisa Cera

Lighting up the world wherever she goes with her contagious energy and her cutting-edge style Fashion Stylist, Lisa Cera has been passionate about Fashion since she was only a teenager. Determined to enter this industry, she put herself through design school to mix her impeccable vision with skill and history, laying a foundation of expertise that would lead to a long line of celebrities and clients looking to her for her fashion sense. She began working instantly with such high end clients as Rayban, Interview Magazine and Versace with celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi, Helena Christensen and Mickey Rourke then gained national attention with her first Superstar client, Gloria Estefan, doing press tours, live events, TV, editorial, music videos and award shows.

Lisa is widely regarded as one of the country's most dynamic fashion stylists and has a long list of clients who rely on her to empower them. By coordinating fashions with an eclectic flair that combines modern and classic influences, she creates signature styles that are often described as sumptuous, head-turning and paparazzi perfect! A few of her notables include The Kardashians, Johanna Krupa, Castle's Stana Katic, Shakira, Paula Abdul, Dwayne Wade, and more.

Having established herself in the industry as a dedicated and innovative force, Lisa is highly respected by editors and her styling credits have graced the pages of numerous magazines including GQ, In Style Magazine, Interview, Elle (Spain), American Photo, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Vogue (Germany), Ocean Drive Magazine, Hello, In Touch, Ok Magazine, Women's Health, Men's Health, Harper's Bazaar Espanol, and her fashion ensembles have been featured on television programs and films including View, Jay Leno, Larry King, Pavarotti & Friends, The Billboard Awards, The World Music Awards, The Grammy Awards Red Carpet, and others.

Boost your looks with Lisa's Style Tips!

  • 13. Dresses with angled shirring in front will give a waist if you want to give the illusion of having a thinner waistline.
  • 12. Using a layer of either a sweater or jacket with a more fitted top will give a slimming effect.
  • 11. For full figured woman, wearing fitted clothes is more slimming then loose pieces but balance is important so break it up by doing things like a slimmer pant and slightly fuller top.
  • 10. Wearing ligter colors on top and darker collors on the bottom will slim the bottom half so for the rest of us, this works great!!
  • 9. Wearing dark colors on top and lighter colors on your bottom half will add weight to your bottom half and shorten you. You can pull this off brilliantly if your tall and slim.
  • 8. If you love your legs wearing a distinct shoe with a bold color with bring the eye to your legs when pared with a neutral toned outfit.
  • 7. Use prints and patterns as well as bold colors to draw attention to your favorite parts! For instance if you love your upper body and don't particularly love your legs, wearing a pinstripe jacket or a bold colored dress would draw attention away from your legs and to the upper part of your body.
  • 6. If you have a short neck wear open necklines such as a v-neck to elongate the upper body.
  • 5. If your high waisted, the opposite it true. Wear a more high waist pant or skirt, or belt tops, dresses and jackets a bit above the waist. This will give a more balanced appearance.
  • 4. If you are short waisted wear skirts and pants that are more low rise, with the waistband faling more on the hips rather then the waist.
  • 3. For those with a smaller upper body and heavier bottom half wear tops that are more snug and bottoms that are fuller. An example of this is an a-line skirt pared with a knit pullover.
  • 2. When wearing a skirt or dress, to elonate legs, wear heels with no ankle strap.
  • 1. To give a longer leaner look to yourself wear tone on tone. For example a cream top and pants with nude shoes is not only a fresh look but it gives the allusion that you are taller and leaner.

Remember, there's always time for style!

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