Be The Change: On Mission – Empowering Our Disadvantaged Communities Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow

MetLife Foundation is committed to providing quality, affordable financial tools and know-how to those most in need. In 2013, the Foundation made a $200 million five-year commitment to financial inclusion…providing every individual seeking help the resources they need to succeed. The Foundation partners with local nonprofit organizations who provide the much needed services through local community initiatives, whether it is the tools to help manage their finances, or life’s basic necessities – from employment opportunities to educational certifications, or from food to shelter.

Working in collaboration with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation or LISC, the two have partnered to help struggling men and women pursue their goals, such as finding a better job or improving their financial lives — from building credit to sound habits around savings and budgeting. LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers, funded in part by MetLife Foundation, are helping working mothers from New York to Los Angeles pursue more from life.


The Balancing Act

  • Ashleigh Elissa Cromer Hayes

    People helping people!!! Thank you MetLife Foundation and LISC!

  • Benji Nadler

    Such a touching story!

  • Jessica S.

    Thanks for exploring this story. It’s always inspiring to hear from people who have turned their life around. Now that I’ve seen this, I’m (most certainly) moved by the MetLife Foundation’s + LISC’s continuing contribution towards helping needy folks. #Awesome #BeTheChange

  • Carri Levy

    now thats “Be the Change”

  • Joanna Kristall

    A really important initiative – thank you for shining light on this and letting people know how they can get the help they need to succeed!

  • Andrea Marie Kraft

    This is incredible! Thank you for sharing the story!

  • Kimberly Cromer

    It’s always good to finally hear about the good things in life. Love it! Keep it up!

  • Brandon Runyon

    Always touching to hear when good people collaborate and accomplish great things for the less fortunate… Very inspirational! Thank you “Be The Change” for all that you do!

  • Melissa

    That is awsome! Very inspiring & something I could use. Alot of women need to watch this. I’m sharing with my friends. I know many that would benefit from this program. It’s a blessing & encouraging to women everywhere.

  • Brittany Starr

    such an inspiring story. Restoring faith in the genuine goodness of the human race.