For Your Loyalty, We Give You Ours With JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways

One of the nation’s most popular value carriers, JetBlue Airways continues to earn customer appreciation and loyalty. It’s highly popular loyalty program, TrueBlue…fits the needs of both frequent and occasional travelers, featuring no blackout dates, no expiration of points, and family pooling. Join JetBlue’s Kelly Roe as she shares more about this industry-leading air carrier and features.

The Balancing Act

No Limit on Loyalty

Ready to fly? With the TrueBlue Loyalty program, every traveler who enrolls is rewarded.

Airline travel has changed quite a bit over the years, some for the better and some for the worse. Seasoned or “veteran” frequent flyers will tell stories of the way airline service used to be in “the old days”, which was not so very long ago in fact.

In the past you paid for your ticket and that was it, no extra charges to bring a suitcase, no five dollar sodas or extra money for snacks, they even gave you headsets for free! Those were the good old days but sadly that is no longer the case, as industry standards seem to dictate many airlines charge you for EVERY bag you bring and every item you want while in-flight.

Well, JetBlue has never done things the industry standard way, and that is great news for their travelers!

When you choose JetBlue, you get all of the perks of:

  • free snacks
  • no-charge for your checked bag
  • friendly and very helpful attendants on your flight
  • free television, music and soon the all-coveted Wi-Fi will be available at every seat.

No separation in classes either, every seat is the same, and by that we mean roomy, comfortable and with legroom that fits an actual adult!

Really JetBlue has distinguished themselves as a premier choice with competitive pricing, all of the “extras” they feel should be part of the package and a loyalty program that you don’t need an interpreter to understand.

Most frequent flying or airline loyalty programs are geared towards the VERY frequent business traveler, the people who are able to spend more get more, and while it does make sense to reward those who must travel far more then the average individual or family, Jet Blue doesn’t believe that frequent travelers are the ONLY people worthy of being rewarded.

With the JetBlue TrueBlue Loyalty program, EVERY traveller who enrolls is rewarded, and with TrueBlue you can actually use those points/miles for travel.

Jet Blue doesn’t believe in “Black-out” dates, instead they go by the philosophy of “you earned the points, use them”. They want to encourage their customers to travel, not make it too difficult for them to ever cash in their points for travel rewards, that’s the true nature of a “reward program”, to reward.

For families traveling together, that means the ability to cash in points to help pay for a journey, without restrictions such as; ”oh no, you can’t use the points you acquire on this journey, you must wait until your next one”, instead TrueBlue points can be used as you earn them, and that means saving money!

The TrueBlue program with JetBlue is for any type of traveller, regardless of how often you fly, the points don’t expire and the conversion of reward points to travel savings doesn’t take a lifetime to achieve. The next time you are planning a trip, check out first for competitive priced tickets that come with perks no longer offered by their competing airlines and a reward program that just makes sense.

The only thing “Standard” about JetBlue is consistency of service and value, and that’s a standard we can all get behind!

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The Balancing Act® on Lifetime Talks Airline Loyalty Programs, Advancements in Treating Cancer, Dealing with Overactive Bladder on the Job

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In the competitive airline arena, it’s important for one airline to set itself apart from the others. Join host Julie Moran and JetBlue Airways Kelly Roe who will share her airline’s approach to a healthier bottom line while nurturing customer loyalty. Roe will discuss the money-saving, cost-cutting advantages of the TrueBlue Loyalty program as well as JetBlue’s “Customer Bill of Rights”. The TrueBlue loyalty program has benefits any air traveler can benefit with – from frequent flyers to those flying only once in a while.

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