Getting To The Root Of Addiction With Transformation Treatment Center

Reclaim your life, Relearn to Relive… in a way you’re never lived before.

The Transformations program with residential community housing is a comprehensive addiction treatment and long term rehabilitation service for men and women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Rooms are private in a home-like setting at Transformations. The family-like environment creates a community that is nurturing, supportive and individualized. This is especially important for the recovering patients who are making the transition to live and lead sober lives. The road to addiction recovery takes immense strength, courage, support and guidance as Olga Villaverde host of The Balancing Act learns first hand as she visits Transformation Treatment Center. Their unique holistic rehabilitation approach … providing healing to the mind, body and spirit… combined with skilled therapists, individualized approaches to therapy, home like residences,  and safe and serene campus environment truly sets them apart from other treatment centers.

You Can Take Back Your Life

There is hope for recovery for people suffering from addiction and substance abuse

Addiction and substance abuse is an epidemic in our country, a disease that claims thousands of lives, yet as dangerous as it is, many people feel too guilty or ashamed to reach out for help.

The stressful world we live in can cause some people to turn to drugs or alcohol as a means to cope, and for people who have the disease of addiction; this often leads to a road of ruin. Individuals caught up in the web of addiction can have great difficulty in seeing the damage they are inflicting upon themselves and their loved ones. Addiction destroys lives, but there is hope for recovery. Transformations Treatment Center, meets clients we they are and helps them transform their lives.

Transformations Treatment Center (TTC), a licensed and accredited drug and alcohol treatment center located in Delray Beach, Florida, has been helping put people back on the road to recovery since 2008. TTC has credentialed and qualified therapists working with patients from a broad range of demographics and religions on the steps needed to begin recovery.

Addiction does not discriminate by color, class, sex or age. It is not a moral failing or a “lifestyle choice”, it is a disease that requires hard work on the part of the client and therapist to work through, but healing is possible.

TTC uses medical as well as holistic treatments to help the client regain control of their life. Health and fitness, good nutrition and intensive therapy are all that TTC uses for initial treatment, followed by an outpatient program to help patients re-enter the world and keep their sobriety intact.

Step-down programs such as the ones offered by TTC help patients address real-life problems, the ones they had trouble coping with in their past, the problems they masked with drug or alcohol abuse. Initial sobriety while in treatment is the beginning of the path, and the qualified staff of trained professionals — some who have been recovery themselves — help guide patients along a new road of recovery.

TTC offers both traditional 12 Step and Christian Recovery Programs. There is no shame in needing help, overcoming addiction is too difficult to do alone and TTC wants you to know, you don’t have to make this journey on your own. Reach out for help today and take that first step down the path to your new life. You can take your life back from drugs and alcohol abuse; let Transformations Treatment Center show you the way.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and addiction, visit or call (877) 771-2898 to speak to an admissions counselor today. Don’t wait to take your life back.

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The Balancing Act® on Lifetime Talks Help for Substance Abuse

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The Balancing Act® on Lifetime Talks Help for Financial Independence and Substance Abuse

Primerica, Inc. and Transformations Treatment Center Take Center Stage on September 9th Show

(POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – PR LOG – September 5, 2014) Award-winning morning show The Balancing Act® on the Lifetime® Channel welcomes Primerica, Inc. and Transformations Treatment Center to the show airing on Tuesday, September 9th at 7:00 a.m. (ET/PT). Tune in as The Balancing Act hosts help jump start the day with lively conversation, demonstrations and trusted information to empower a woman’s life.

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o Helping Women and Their Families Achieve Financial Independence – with Primerica, Inc.
To be financially independent, you have no choice – start now, or save more later. Julie Seman, Chief Marketing Officer, Client Solutions of the financial services company Primerica joins The Balancing Act to discuss how you can put yourself and your family on the road to financial independence. The company’s primary goal is to meet the financial needs of Main Street families. Primerica helps you understand fundamental financial concepts that you can use to get out of debt, protect your income and prepare for retirement. To learn more, please visit:

“Primerica understands the unique challenges women and their families face today. By teaching basic financial concepts, we help families get out of debt, protect their income and save for retirement. Through our business opportunity, women can work smart, take care of their family and do good for others. It’s a total win-win,“ said Julie Seman, Chief Marketing Officer.

Life Insurance: In New York, term life insurance products are underwritten by National Benefit Life Insurance Company, Home Office: Long Island City, New York. In the United States (except in New York), term life insurance products are underwritten by Primerica Life Insurance Company, Executive Offices: Duluth, Georgia.
Securities: In the United States, securities are offered by PFS Investments Inc., 1 Primerica Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30099-0001.

o Take Back Your Life – with Transformations Treatment Center
Substance abuse is an epidemic in this country, and families are being destroyed because of this disease. The Transformations Treatment Center program with residential community housing is a comprehensive addiction treatment and long-term rehabilitation service for men and women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Join Dr. Maureen Esposito Ph.D and EVP of Clinical Services for Transformations as she and Host Olga Villaverde tackle the subject of addiction in this first episode of the ongoing miniseries “Reclaim Your Life”. Viewers will also get a tour of the serene campus environment located in South Florida.

To learn more, please visit:

“Addiction can destroy lives, but here is hope for recovery. At Transformations we meet the clients spiritually, emotionally and mentally where they are and help them reclaim their lives,” said Dr. Maureen Esposito.

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