Get Ready to Discover More Me Time!

Consider it done.

Enter the online consumer service website – Thumbtack. Personal Chef, Elisa Eliot – and Yoga Instructor, Saar Nir — both Thumbtack experts join us to tell how we can find the right professional, to handle everything from home repairs – to tutoring and catering—to someone coming to your home and helping you relax with yoga! It doesn’t get any better than that! And there’s no charge for the customer to use Thumbtack. The online service is available on the internet though the desktop website or easy to use mobile website. We’re all busy and stretched for time—so why not get some help? Consider it done!

The Balancing Act

  • Steve

    I’ve used thumbtack several times for house cleaning as well as pet sitting, and haven’t had a bad experience yet. Cleaners also came to service my window tint shop and it has never looked better.

    Thanks for the read.